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The Village Lou

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As Louisville's premier resource for community-driven events and information, we are affirming the future of Black Louisville.

This initiative will showcase Black-led businesses, organizations, and events to shift the focus of our city from deficit to asset when we think of the West and Black Louisville.

Louisville's Premier Hub for Community, Black-Led Organizations, and Businesses

Welcome to The Village Lou, the ultimate resource and platform dedicated to empowering the Black community of Louisville. Louisville, a city known for its vibrant culture and rich history, is also home to a resilient and thriving Black community. As a directory-based website, we proudly serve as a centralized hub for community-driven events, black-led organizations, and businesses. Our mission is to uplift, celebrate, and support the vibrant voices and initiatives that shape our community.

In collaboration with Play Cousins Collective and The Vision Group, The Village Lou is a powerful force for positive change. Play Cousins Collective brings their creative prowess and innovative spirit, enriching our platform with their unique artistic events and initiatives. The Vision Group, with their unwavering commitment to community development, strengthens our mission by providing valuable resources, guidance, and support to black-led organizations and businesses.

At The Village Lou, we bring together a comprehensive directory of businesses and organizations that showcase themselves and their invaluable contributions. From thriving local businesses to impactful grassroots organizations, our platform shines a spotlight on the incredible work happening within our community. Through this collaboration, Play Cousins Collective and The Vision Group join forces with The Village Lou to create a dynamic ecosystem of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community empowerment.

But The Village Lou is more than just a directory. We are a catalyst for community engagement and empowerment. Through our platform, you'll find an extensive collection of event listings, including exciting and innovative events curated by Play Cousins Collective. Stay updated with the latest news and events that matter to the Black community through our articles and community calendar, with insights and perspectives supported by The Vision Group's expertise. Additionally, our directory provides a wealth of various resources, fostering personal and professional growth while promoting a Black culture, and experiences, in collaboration with both partners.

We invite you to join The Village Lou as a member and be part of our dynamic community. Explore, connect, and engage with the businesses, organizations, events, and resources that define our vibrant city. Together, with Play Cousins Collective, The Vision Group, and our entire community, let's amplify the voices, celebrate the achievements, and uplift the collective power of the Black community in Louisville.



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